Neither Red Nor Blue....

Selecting good leaders is critical at every level, even for the local parish!  At Holy Comforter, we will be electing new leaders on Sunday, October 19.  The vestry nominating committee has nominated a full slate of people who have agreed to serve if elected; see the list below.    We are grateful for their willingness to serve Holy Comforter Episcopal Church!

Additional nominations are being accepted as well.   "Expectations" forms for each leadership area are available in the Narthex.  For a nominee to be received, a signed "Expectations" form must be submitted to the church office by September 20. Photographs and bios of each nominee will be in the October newsletter so that we can be well prepared to vote on October 19. 

The vestry nominating committee has nominated the following people:  For three 3 years terms: Chip Cole, Jerry Powell, and Lori Hawkins.  For one 1 year (uncompleted) term, Barbara Thomas.  For Diocesan Council delegate, Ed White; for Alternate, Mike Hattaway.   For one three year term on the Endowment Board: Ron Briscoe.    Watch for their information, along with any additional nominees, in the October newsletter!   

Posted by on September 04th, 2008