picture of the church

About Holy Comforter

Holy Comforter is a welcoming community of Christians, committed to loving God and one another. Here are some things about our church we find visitors are happy to know.

We care about each other.

Our relationships are an essential part of our spirituality and worship.

We don't have all the answers.

As Madeline L'Engle wrote: "generally, what is more important than getting water-tight answers is learning to ask the right questions;" we view questions as an avenue to God.

Our worship is ordered, but not stale.

The Book of Common Prayer serves as a beautiful framework for our worship, encouraging authentic interaction with God and each other.

We experience the boundless grace of God.

We bring our messy problems, doubts, and fears to God; in return, we receive immeasurable acceptance, forgiveness, and love. Thanks be to God!